Life in California… Continued

Friday evenings we often play cards with our friends Rick und Susan which is always lots of fun. Rick played bass in a band I used to play in. He is a software programmer and runs his own business, Atlantis Software, from home.

The monster eyes peeking over the edge of the table belong to Einstein and Merlin, two big black Labrador Retriever, whose entire existence revolves around one thought: food.

Rick and Susan are since November 2000 the proud parents of Sean Christopher Gordon.

Drew and Abby are also good friends of ours. Abby teaches elementary school, Drew is a software programmer and used to work for where I used to work. Currently he works for Yahoo!. Drew and I go jogging, kill each other in computer games like Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Half-Life, or Serious Sam, or laugh our asses off watching old B-movies with hilarious commentary by Mystery Science Theater.