A New Drumset!

Music was always a part of my life. First the piano, then guitar, and finally drums. In 1996 I gave up drumming due to too much frustration with other musicians that usually fell into one of the following 5 categories:

  • Incompetent wanna-be’s
  • Assholes – excellent musicians but arrogant and full of themselves
  • Unreliable – Never show up on time for practice, if they show up at all
  • Broke – Never has money to cover their share of the studio rent or other expenses
  • Substance abusers – Come to practice with booze or other mind-altering substances

Even though my career in computers took up most of my life over the last 5 years, I still missed playing drums. For a while I’ve entertained the thought of getting an electronic drum kit to play at home. Thanks to Sandy I found a used Roland V Pro Drumkit on ebay. A few emails and phone calls and one week later, two huge boxes arrvied at my door.

The kit consists of

  • MDS-10 Drum Rack
  • 2x 10" Toms
  • 2x 12" Toms
  • 12" Snare
  • 2x KD7 Kicktrigger
  • HiHat Pedal
  • 2x Crash Hart E-Cymbals
  • Ride Hart E-Cymbal
  • HiHat Hart E-Cymbal
  • 2x Mapex Chaindrive Bassdrumpedal
  • Roland TD-10 Soundmodule

Front view:

First the kit was in my garage but now has a permanent place upstairs in my office.