Mission Peak hike for time

Drew, Devin, and I went for a hike up Mission Peak today. Mission Peak is a summit here in Fremont. Its elevation is about 2500 feet. There are several trails leading up to the summit. The one we took is about 2.8 miles one way. This takes supposedly 2.5 hours. We thought we could do better than that…

At the top

It took us about one hour and five minutes to get here. You can look through these pipes to see various landmarks visible from the peak.

Fremont, bay, and San Francisco

Pretty nice view. This looks out over Fremont, the bay, and all the way up to San Francisco.

Another view.

Devin, me, Drew

From left: Devin, me, Drew

...was here

Some people felt it was imperative to leave a mark of their presence behind.

The hike was Devin’s idea as he, highly motivated as he is, wants to be in the best possible shape for an upcoming training event. I suspect we’ll be up here a few more times as part of the training…