Up, up and away

Our area has several houses that launch hot air balloons from their yards, mostly on weekend mornings. We’ll be sitting at breakfast and suddenly see a balloon sail by the window. Here’s a balloon that we captured just seconds after take off.img_1869.jpg


Our new dining room chairs came, joining the dining table (which has been here a couple of months).img_0295.jpgWe’re going with an “organic contemporary” style which uses pieces with clean lines that are constructed from natural materials like wood, stone and leather. So far, we have a dining table and chairs, bar stools, sofa, entertainment center, bar cabinet, one sofa table and two end tables in the great room. We are waiting on a coffee table and second sofa table to arrive in a few weeks. They discontinued the living room rug we picked out, so we still need to find a rug and two comfy chairs for the living room. And we want to add a low table/wooden bench to fit under the window in┬áthe dining room.We aren’t even thinking about decorative touches until we have all of the big pieces. Besides, we want to keep the house uncluttered and we figure we’ll buy art as we find it rather than just buying something to fill spaces. Hopefully you’ll think the pieces are a good fit for the house. Feel free to voice your opinion either way….