You womenfolk might want to skip this post…

Here are a few more photos of critters encountered in Tucson, and some of them are not for the squeamish.

A millipede I found casing our garage.

A tarantula we found on the side of our house one evening when we got home. I held a ruler next to it so you can get an idea of the size of this thing.

Its leg span was at least 6 inches/15 centimeters.

My buddy Thom, a home inspector, encountered this scorpion during an inspection and sent me this photo.

His hand in the photo for scale helps demonstrate the size of this creature.

Click here to see larger versions of the photos.

Btw, if you’re wondering about the seemingly different wall colors of the first photos, they’re actually the same. One photo was taken in extremely bright daylight with an iPhone 3G, the other one was taken with a Canon SD800IS with flash while it was completely dark.

One thought on “You womenfolk might want to skip this post…

  1. With a subject title like that, I had to come check out what sexism Alex must have posted. After looking at the pictures, I wish I had heeded his advice…

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