Life in California… Continued

Around 10 or 10:30am it’s finally time to go to work.

Sometimes I use the wrong door where currently Sandy’s car, a nice new Volvo S60 lives. Since we only have a one-car garage we take turns.

The purple monster that is dangling from the ceiling is "drag’n butt", used to be a band mascott a long time ago.

Sandy leaving for work.

My car is in the driveway. A white VW Golf GTI VR6, 174PS, loaded (leather seats, moon roof, sound system, everything powered, etc.), lowered, (Eibach struts, Neuspeed springs), darker, louder (Pioneer 200W amp, Bazooka Subwoofer), etc. – Yeah, Baby! The problem is that there are no autobahns in the immediate vicinity, making speeds over 70 mph somewhat risky.

Depending on traffic, it takes about 35 minutes for the 27 miles to work on a weekday morning or 21 minutes on the weekend.

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