Life in California…

For some strange reason some people have the desire to know what the Byrons are doing in the U.S., and what it looks like over here. To satisfy their curiosity I got into the habit of occasionally taking pictures of what goes on around here and document it for posterity.

Some time around 7 or 7:30am, the alarm goes off and fills the bedroom with music. Depending on what CD is on, I wake up eventually. After intense extended scientific research I came to the conclusion that KennyG leads to prolonged sleep phases and that Slayer is the ideal waker-upper when unexpectedly injected into a deep sleep cycle.

Eventually the eye lids open and absorb the first impression of the day:

Ok, I can see sun, that looks promising. Enough motivation to crawl out of bed.

First a trip to command central to make sure I didn’t miss anything important while I wasted the last 6 hours sleeping.

First stops: e-mail, my Forum, CNN.

After the brain was slowly awakened, I’m usually coherent enough for coordinated physical activity. Depending on the weather and how I feel it’s either time for a trip to the gym …

… or for two laps around Lake Elizabeth (4 miles or about 6 kilometers) …

… or not.

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