Life in California… Continued

Dave Bechtel, our "Director of Operations", very busy. Next to him his new toy, a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. Drool…

Heather is our "Goddess of Organization" – no joke, that’s her official title. My favorite coworker – intelligent, attraktiv, funny. Also still single. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact her directly.

Shauneen is our massage therapist and performs miracles through Shiatsu. She comes every two weeks and tends to the employee’s physical well-being. We have to pay her out of our own pocket but it’s worth every penny. Her hands are amazing.

Sometimes you just need a break and play a few games of pool in the game room. Steve is an excellent pool player. With a little more patience and concentration he could be successful as a pro.

Sandy and I like to eat Sushi, which is pretty popular and affordable here. Oedo is our preferred Sushi restaurant.

We are regulars here, and always warmly welcomed.

Then it’s time to go home and relax with a movie on DVD and a fire in the fireplace.

The weekends are always busy, errands, shopping, laundry, and often a computer job. I help people (private users and small businesses) with computer questions and problems. The money I make from that pays for my computer habit.

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