Introducing the Schnitzelrocket

After over 6 years and 70,000 miles my white Golf GTI started to show some signs of age. After my mechanic predicted some serious repair bills over the next couple of years, I decided to start looking for a new car. A few weeks of research produced a list of 5 or 6 possible candidates.

The next step was test driving which produced a few surprises. The sales guy at the Toyota dealership wanted to FIRST haggle about the price, and THEN go on a test drive. This didn’t make any sense to me therefore the Toyota Clica GT-S was eliminated from the list. The sales guy at Honda abandoned us mid-sentence – when I answered his question what cars I was considering, the sales guy and his colleague turned around in the middle of my sentence and walked away without a word, never to be seen again. This eliminated the Honda Civi Si from my list.

Long story short: In the end, the winner was the 2003 VW GTI VR6 6 cylinder 24-valve 6-speed. After a few hours of haggling the deal was done.

More pictures of the new GTI are here.

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