Glorious Bigscreen TV Goodness!

In November we finally got a new TV. The object of our desire: Hitachi 50″ LCD rear projection, widescreen, digital input, 1080i resolution, great picture quality. Of course research was done beforehand to ensure a educated decision was made. With the actual purchase we waited until Sears had a special Friends & Family sale. It happens only once a year right before Thanksgiving, a Sunday evening from 6 to 10pm. After lots of haggling and rebates and what not we got the TV and stand 20% under regular price.

We also bought a matching component rack. Lastly we replaced our old DVD player which was technologically inferior with a Samsung DVD player with DVI output, 1080i resolution, support for many different media formats, and great picture quality. We also bought a LiteOn that supports region switching as well as PAL to NTSC conversion.

In other words: I can now watch movies from other regions and countries.

Only 16″ deep. Takes up less space than expected. No cable mess on the floor. Good German attention to detail pays off.

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