Househunting in Tucson – Week 1

It has been an intense week of househunting. I looked at houses 6 out of 7 days last week and spent tons of time researching. I’ve composed lots of posts in my head so that I could share this search with my friends, but I’m now finally getting it created!

What are we looking for? We prefer:
– At least 1.0 acre of land, not too close to neighbors – 2700sf to 3200sf
– A nice view of the mountains (not hard to get here) – 3+ bedrooms
– West or Northwest sections of the city – 10 years old or less
– Keeping budget ~$500K so that we don’t feel under pressure if we start a business
– Cosmetic updates (fixtures, flooring, countertops, appliances, tiling, landscaping), but not full kitchen remodels

January to March are prime househunting months when snowbirds househunt. A lot of homes are under contract already but the more expensive the house, the more choice there is. Almost every house we’ve seen so far in our desired range has had an issue that makes it less desirable so it sometimes feels like choosing the lesser of the evils–bad layout, too near the road, too small, too far out.

Here are MLS links to a few of the houses for those who have been clamoring for photos and links. Feel free to help us in finding a good one!

So we press valiantly onward. 🙂 We’ve dug out six more to look at by broadening our search area a bit and considering updated older homes. Here are two candidates:
Fairway View, Camino Bajio

2 thoughts on “Househunting in Tucson – Week 1

  1. ok, now I finally get the “Please add” box. Maybe this time my comment will take. Your math-phobic friends are not going to comment much!

    What is the picture of? It looks very different from California architecture.

  2. Love all the choices you have. Isn’t it great how much more house you get for the money!!! Just a couple of notes, watch out for the flat roofs, they should have a small pitch and have been sealed really well. They will leak if not sealed properly, have the home inspector really check these out. Also, the gravel driveways will kick up a lot of dust that will drift into the house. Good luck!

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