Amazing number of offers on Fremont house

We heard today that we have 34!!! offers on our house in Fremont. Bidding closed today and our agent reviewed all of the offers, looking at the total package of bid amount, ability to close escrow quickly, and financials–either a cash offer or solid pre-approved financing. We know that there are bids way over asking price and he is preparing to counter multiple offers to get us the best overall package. Once we have a contract in place, we can make a strong offer on a place here (if we’re ready). Yeah and yeah Steve Ornellas, our realtor!!!! This should bring up the comps in the neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Amazing number of offers on Fremont house

  1. Here’s my 2 cents…
    My focus would be on the things I would not be able to change. The view, location and structure of the home. Taking all these 3 consideration, I like the 1st house best. The view of the mountains is better than the 2nd house, I like seeing city lights at night. The location is closer to the things you like. I prefer the curved rooms and archways over the more square architecure of house #2. Also the beams and wood work in #2 felt overbearing to me.
    About the neighbors being closer than you might like… yes, they will be and you will probably hear more “noise” when folks are outside. I think I could put up with a bit of noise to have the great view and a house I loved.

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