We’ve made an offer on a house

Many thanks to all of you who weighed in on our house choices. It’s a big decision and it was good to hear all of your wise advice and opinions.

We made an initial offer on house #1 (Palo Verde Vista Place) on Saturday afternoon. We confirmed that we couldn’t get high-speed Internet at house #2, which Alex needs to work remotely. So we looked at a few more houses on Friday and Saturday, but they didn’t fit either. We had expanded our search parameters considerably–looked at older houses, more expensive houses, houses outside our target areas–but something didn’t work with each. They were too far out to get high-speed Internet access, or were just starting the short sale process and would take 3 months to close.

We ultimately decided to make an offer on house #1. It’s big with a great view in a nice neighborhood and the bonus/game room is separated slightly from the main area by being just down the hall. The interior is a bit bland, and the back patio area needs further development, but these are things that we can change. The asking price is good, especially for that neighborhood, and we are getting a lot of house (2006 house from a reputable builder, 3480sf, .93 acres for an asking price just under $134 per sf). We expect to get a counter offer from the seller tomorrow since they typically wait until the last minute to respond in hopes of receiving an additional offer. We’re hoping to be under contract soon on the house, close escrow quickly, and get started settling in. Thanks again for everyone’s help in (hopefully) choosing our new home!

2 thoughts on “We’ve made an offer on a house

  1. hello you both,
    we just wanted to tell you our opinion to the two houses but we saw that it´s not necessary anymore.
    but what a lucky, we would choose house number one too 🙂
    we think it´s more modern and more comfortible and not so far away from your neighborhood.
    question: is there enough room for an outside swimming pool too 🙂 tassilo wants to swim
    we press down all our thumbs that you will be under contract soon and will pay the price you want.
    we are excited to read more news.
    rosi and valerie

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