CrossFit in Tucson

After we recovered from the drive and settled in a bit, I looked up the local CrossFit gyms to find a good box to work out at and get involved with. These guys here at CrossFit Works are awesome! Great trainers, excellent programming, a good mix of super nice people, very cool place. I’ve been working out with them since last week. We’re also talking about how I can get involved and help out. Looking forward to putting my skills to use and expand them.

Like so many CrossFit affiliates, they have some great T-Shirts. Had to pick up two of them. One of them has their logo and motto on the front (Real Workouts. Real Food. Real Results), and on the back it says “Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is good for  you.”. The other one has has a Paleo dude on the front with “Paleo – It does a body good” and on the back “Vegetarians taste like chicken”. Gotta love it 😀

It’s good to be working out again, especially with such a cool crowd.

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