Craptastic! – closing delayed due to late septic cert

Today we ALMOST got our house–but not. Here’s our craptastic day!

Our lender and realtor team had assured us that they could get us closed and in our new house in two weeks, so we’ve driven to that. And it all came together smoothly. We were ready with days to spare.

We were scheduled to sign this morning and excitedly had all sorts of stuff lined up to happen just after closing and over the weekend: cleaning service, moving truck delivery, help unloading, handyman help, exterminator, appliances delivery, etc. We were super organized, locked and loaded, and everything was going smoothly.

Then the crap hit the fan. The seller’s agent had ONE (1) piece of paper to produce–a certification that the septic tank is in good shape. But we learned this morning that the agent’s assistant forgot to order the inspection!

We’re suddenly sitting around twiddling our thumbs while an inspector scurries out to take a look and produce the report. Can they can produce it in time to close today? We wait, stressed about whether it will happen in time for all of the dominoes to fall in place. Eventually it is too late to finalize things today.

Oh, but NOW the cert is ready. So we get to sign the docs today, but it may be late Monday before the seller is available to reschedule their signing. If that’s the case, it won’t record until Tuesday and we don’t get keys until probably Tuesday afternoon.

Despite our efforts and our planning, it all fell apart because one assistant forgot one thing. So we cursed, stomped and shook our fists at the gods of escrow for a few minutes then hustled to get everyone rescheduled.

A very frustrating and anti-climatic day. But then again, not so horrible in the bigger picture…a mere blip in our new life. Still, we just couldn’t get motivated to go out to console ourselves instead of to celebrate as we had planned. Thus, here we are sitting on the sofa at the rental, having a drink and sharing our craptastic day with our friends. 🙂

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